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Nature- Gateway to your Soul

Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."

How We Coach

Experience Nature

Situated on 50 tranquil acres, views of the La Plata mountains, a year-round stream, pastures and meadows, the setting is highly conducive to slowing down and taking a deep delve into you! It is not uncommon to see a variety of birds; red-tail hawks, mountain blue bird, humming birds, and even wild turkey. Often spotted wildlife include deer, elk, coyotes, foxes and squirrels. Find a spot along the stream and relax, journal, day dream......


Work With Horses 

Horses have survived on Earth for 55 million years as prey animals making them acutely adept at reading human energy. They have an uncanny ability to reflect what is going on at our deepest level helping the client to have greater awareness. Exercises on the ground (no riding) provide an incredible somatic learning experience. It's also just a  lot of fun!


Traditional Coaching Activities 

Educational handouts, guided meditation, interviewing, goal setting, and more will help uncover your hopes, dreams, and passions.



Engaging in creative activities like arts, crafts, creative writing, and music awaken our intuitive sense. Getting out of our cognitive brain and into our intuitive sense enhances our ability to solve problems and set goals creatively.


Attune Coaching Services LLC

PO Box 8

Hesperus, CO 81326


Medicine Wheel

The Medicine wheel utilizes ancient wisdom to represent different aspects of our selves., physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Exercises in the wheel  allow inner clarity and release of beliefs and ideas that do not serve us.


Group Sessions

Sharing with others creates a great space for learning, healing and growth. Womens gathering are a universal phenomon and have been noted back to ancient cultures. 

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