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Navigating in Woods


Attune Coaching strives to provide  individualized coaching , carefully based on each client's unique needs.  We understand that everyone's journey is unique and work closely to customize a program that fits your specific needs. 

The Process

The Seven Sacred Directions, as recognized by indigenous cultures, provide the framework for coaching. Transcending external expectations and understanding who we are at a deep level is the key to unlocking your passions and desires. I work with the medicine wheel, horses, and nature to step through the process of visioning your ideal life and making that vision a reality. When you know who you are, and your mission is clear you are unstoppable. You will know you are alive!

EAST represents spring, birth, and our mental body. This is where light comes from, and your vision can be created.

SOUTH represents summer, adolescence, and our emotions. We develop our identity and value systems here.

WEST represents fall, adulthood, and the physical body. This is where we value self-care, self-love and letting go of limiting beliefs that hold us back.

NORTH represents winter, elderly life and spirituality. Clarity and deep wisdom are found here.

UP represents your higher self and connection as part of the circle of life.

DOWN represents Mother Earth and our connection to all life. 

CENTER represents you. From here you can see all the other directions and recognize and honor yourself for your unique individuality.  

Your unique needs drive the focus of each coaching session. We identify areas that are holding you from realizing your hopes and dreams and work to remove barriers so that your dreams can become your reality!

Lotus Flower

Attune Coaching Services LLC

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