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Are you A Highly Sensitive Person?

The term "Highly Sensitive Person"  (HSP) was coined in the mid 1990's by Elaine Aron to describe Sensory processing sensitivity that affects approximately 15% of the population.  (SPS) is a temperamental or personality trait involving "an increased sensitivity of the central nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli. The trait is characterized by "a tendency to 'pause to check' in novel situations, greater sensitivity to subtle stimuli, and the engagement of deeper cognitive processing strategies for employing coping actions, all of which is driven by heightened emotional reactivity, both positive and negative". (Wikipedia).

Highly Sensitive people tend to feel the emptions of others and are easily drawn into their energy. This can increase the risk of substance abuse as the HSP seeks to quiet their nervous system. In addition, navigating a relationship with a person struggling with addiction has unique challenges for HSPs. Attune can support you, the HSP, in maximizing your HSP strengths while managing your HSP challenges.

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