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A Hug

Family Recovery

Addiction impacts the lives of family and friends as they struggle to help the one with the addiction. The addict can become the center of attention consuming the physical, emotional, mental, time and fiscal resources of the family. A rash of emotions including embarrassment, shame, frustration, anger, guilt, sadness compile and considerable stress  can result. The loved ones ability to fully function in their lives is affected. In reality, the same issues that led the addict to his drug of choice, are often underlying issues for all family members.

Treatment focuses on the addict/alcoholic which is critical. But when family members issues go unaddressed the addict/alcoholic returns to the same family dynamic and underlying issues are still present. This can contribute to relapse. Family Recovery supports the family members in identifying and healing their wounds so that they can gain a sense of hope and purpose. The family dynamic shifts and a healthier unit can better support the addict/alcoholic.

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